Tripods, Supports & Rigs

Video Tripods, Supports & Rigs

Video production professionals use tripods, supports, and other tools to elevate and stabilize cameras and other equipment. From tripods, stabilizers, and supports, to cranes, sliders, and dollies, you can find just what you need to master your production.

What Is a Video Camera Tripod Used For?

A tripod, whether for photo or video, creates a stable base for your composition, no matter the environment. However, some tripods are better suited for certain environments than others, so consider your shooting location first. Are you on a mountain? A beach? Are you shooting a wedding? The answer to these questions will help you find the right tripod for your shoot.

Tripods all have a weight range for optimal performance, so choose a tripod based on the weight of your camera. A video tripod for DSLR cameras can be smaller than a tripod for a larger video camera or camcorder. If you’re a wedding videographer, a monopod or one-legged stand will give you the stabilization you need when you’re shooting action shots in a crowd of people with limited space. As an enthusiast, you’ll enjoy mini camera tripods¬†with flexible legs, allowing you to wrap around objects for creative pictures and videos. There are also camera tripod mounts with specific camera mounting adapters and specialized pieces, such as suction cup and car window mounts for shooting driving scenes.

What Kind of Video Camera Tripod Do I Need?

A tripod has two main components: the legs, which are typically made from aluminum or carbon fiber, and the head. You can choose professional video tripod systems which include both components, usually along with a convenient carrying bag. However, for a more customized setup, purchase these components separately. Picking a tripod head comes down to both preference and desired use. The two main types used with video cameras are pan-and-tilt heads and gimbal heads.

Pan-and-tilt heads move on two axes, allowing you to independently adjust pan and tilt in tiny increments. There are fluid head versions for video cameras that offer adjustable resistance, letting you capture smooth moving shots. Motorized pan-and-tilt video heads give you the choice of wired or wireless remote control capability.

Gimbal heads offer 360-degree rotation along three axes. Gimbal heads offer the most flexibility, and allow you to add production value with full rotation shots that stay smooth and shake-free. Professional video stabilizers and gimbals feature two versions, handgrip and shoulder camera rigs, depending on your preference,

Whether you’re looking for basic video tripods for your photography studio or specialized¬†professional video camera sliders¬†for your next on-location shoot, B&H Photo and Video has you covered with a wide selection of tripods, supports, and rigs.