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Shopping for the Best Cine Lenses

Browse for the best cine lenses that suit your professional video-shooting needs. Cine lenses have a professional design with manual adjustment rings and exterior markings to record continuous motion, and they offer exceptional video quality with cinematic effects. You can use them on video camcorders, DSLRs, and digital cinema cameras.

What Cine Lens Accessories Do You Need?

Cine prime lenses are more precise and smoother than regular photo lenses when pulling for focus. To magnify and focus objects even farther, you can accessorize with close-up lens filters. Underwater photographers can use underwater filters on their lenses to increase the camera’s versatility, allowing for shots that are more creative. They also help bring out the correct colors in your underwater videos. T-stop and iris rings regulate the amount of light passing through the lens. This allows you to maintain your exposure in every scene regardless of the scenery and weather conditions. If you’re creating a film, consider professional video matte box adapter rings. They attach the cine lenses to the matte boxes, which helps prevent glare and lens flare.

How to Select the Right Cine Lenses

When choosing cine lenses, be sure to consider the amount of flare produced by a lens. Different lenses have different build qualities and optical coatings that affect how light bounces within the lenses, hence, the amount of flare in video footage. For interviews, nature films, and documentaries, lenses with minimal flare are perfect. However, for sci-fi and high-action videos, lenses that produce anamorphic flares work best. If you’re looking for zoom lenses, then shop for lenses with par-focal. These lenses ensure that you have the same focus regardless of the focal distance you’re shooting at. EF mount lenses have a larger focus throw of up to 200 to 300 degrees and can maintain the subject’s distance as you zoom in and out.

Whether you’re looking for Rokinon cine lenses, Sigma cine lenses, or even 16 x 9 fisheye converter lenses, browse B&H Photo and Video’s wide selection of professional video lenses and accessories to find the best lens for your needs.