Camcorder & Camera Peripherals

Professional Camera Equipment and Accessories

Filmmakers and videographers use professional camera equipment to capture high-quality video. Whether you’re shooting a documentary or a wedding, camcorders and video cameras deliver impressive visual results. Take advantage of other accessories such as monitors and controllers to enhance your efficiency and video quality.

Camera Lights

Attach¬†professional video on-camera lights¬†directly to your camera or use them independently. These are available in a variety of shapes, but the most common choices are rectangular or circular, and they frequently use energy-efficient LED bulbs. Their compact size comes in handy for shooting on location and traveling, especially in low-light conditions. However, there are also background lights that are larger and typically mounted on tall stands. These lights are suitable for shooting subjects indoors or conducting sit-down interviews, since they’re usually softer and create flattering shots.

Using Camera Controllers

You can move some types of video cameras via controllers. These are pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and people often use them for security purposes, though they have other uses. Most professional PTZ camera controllers allow you control of the cameras, making these systems suitable for surveillance, long-distance lectures or classes, and even live productions. These devices communicate with each other with the help of professional PTZ controller cables. The cables connect the controller to a data port, and can connect to multiple video cameras in a daisy-chain configuration.

Other Accessories

The list of professional camera equipment doesn’t end there. There’s a wide selection of other video camera and¬†camcorder accessories, such as wireless transmitters, CCUs and base stations, and additional components that you can add on for a custom shooting rig.¬†On-camera monitors make shooting on the go a breeze by accurately previewing final shots onto attachable screens during filming.¬†Professional video lighting batteries and power¬†will help you stay powered up.